Experience the new level of Facebook Video call

To experience the new level of Facebook video chatting, go through this blog to get the details about same in different devices or visit Facebook helpline for instant help.


If you are operating Messenger in your Mobile Device:

1.       Open your Conversation Tab with the person you supposed to chat. Open it only with a single person or you can do this with 50 users once.

2.       Tap on the Video chat button at top of your conversation to begin calling with selected user. In case, the button is not there or grayed, other user is unavailable to receive call at the moment.

3.       You also can wait for the other person to pick up your call as the person you’re calling will be notified about call. They have option to answer your call via messenger or Facebook website/Webcam.
4. Tap on Camera swap button to switch between the front and rear cameras accordingly.

Using the Facebook Website for Video call:

1.Firstly,you need to install a webcam in your computer if you are not having one.
2. Open up the Chat menu on Facebook website in the lower-right corner to open the chat menu.  Chrome, Firefox or Opera are the available options for this, but it does not supports Internet explorer, Safari or Edge.
3. Choose the person you want to chat by selecting people you used to chat or search through all your friends by typing the name in the field provided at the bottom of list.
4. Tap on Video Chat button, a new window will be opened.
5. Allow the Facebook to access your Webcam, the process varies on the type of browser you are using.
6. Now just wait for the other person to pick up your call, once they picked up your call , video chat will be started.

For Facebook Customer Sevice related information, visit the link below:





Change your Facebook Password in just 3 steps

Change your Facebook password in No time -1-844-773-9359

Change your Facebook password in no time!


Yes, u read it right that now you can change your Facebook password in simply no time just by following these simple steps. Making an account on Facebook is such an easy task to do. But changing Facebook account password is not the thing which can be done by everyone every time. Everyone is so busy in making their life a living. They do not suppose to have enough time to get involved in Facebook and learn How to recover Facebook username and password- 1-844-773-9359or such things about Facebook.



To change your Facebook account password is an easy task to do until and unless your Facebook account is hacked. Just by following these steps you can change your current Facebook account password.



1.      Click on the top of right side corner of page and select SETTINGS over there.


2.      Choose the option for reset password and 

3.       Now click on the current password then your recent password there.


4.      Then finalized the step by clicking on new password and confirm new password



Facebook log in errors are a different thing but yes somewhere it does connected to the issue in changing your Facebook password due to the reason that you cannot get logged in your account.
Instant Help:
For Facebook UK Toll Free +44-800-051-3717
For Facebook Australia Toll Free +61-180-082-5192 
For Facebook USA & Canada Toll Free +1-844-773-9359
For Technical Issues:  https://goo.gl/Fdz6C7
To reset password:  https://goo.gl/bpWimu
For Password recovery: https://goo.gl/zA0mzc